Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Tired...

As a card-maker, I have a collection of cards that I fill as I make various cards. I use this box for markets & of course, when I need a card for a special occasion.

I made a certain card a couple of years ago, for Easter and they are STILL in my collection!!

I am so tired of looking at them - they needed to either be sold immediately or be rebirthed...kinda ironic, hey?

So on the third day,, they didn't, I'm being silly!!

I needed to only change the sentiment, so needed something reasonably similar in size.
When I removed the dimensionals, (the padded adhesive to give the sentiment lift), there was a little bit of gum left over, so I needed to cover those spots with more flowers.

I replaced the sentiment with one from the stamp set called Thoughts & Prayers & I don't think that it is obvious that it has been changed. Do you agree with me?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just a Small Thanks...

A few weeks ago, I took over 100 slides to my local Harvey Norman store. I wanted the images copied, along with copying original wedding photos of my Mother & Father In Law's Wedding.

I'm sure you can understand, I was slightly nervous handing over such an important part of my husband's life... But when I met Mat, at the photo lab, I knew I could trust him.

Not only did Mat take great care of the slides, but he also had them finished in about 2 hours!!

I barely had time to finish this little box before he called to say they were done!!

I just love when I get things right and all the lines actually line up!!

The aeroplane from       reminded me of the age of some of the slides that had been copied, so I thought it was just perfect for this project! The 'tree' from the      punch made for a wonderful little cloud!!  With a couple of Dimensionals  on the lid, I threw in a few Favourites Chocolates & I was out the door to collect my slides & USB with a small gift for Mat.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome Luke Alexander.

I have a close friend, who recently asked me to make her a Keepsake Box for her baby, Luke.

Luke is a Rainbow Baby, to his sister, Violet, born August 2014. She gained her angel wings not long after birth & will always be in our heart & memory.

All children are miracles, but this was an even more special project. I hope that Luke will have this box for many years, it will hold some very important memories of when he was born.

I began with a standard box & lid that I bought from a "Junky" shop. I then covered the box completely, cut the cardstock for the belly band and stamped the gorgeous Baby Bear & fussy cut him out.

On each side of the box, the Baby Bear is stamped and cut out, where-as on the top, I raised him up with Dimensionals.
When I completed the box, I actually moved the butterfly to the top of the box, rather than the side...
I think it looked better that way.

I'm so happy that this will be a keep-sake for Luke and his parents. He is such a beautiful boy, already giving so much joy to everyone that meets him.

I hope you continue to stay warm, it's quite cold here in Melbourne, Australia. I cannot wait to feel the warm sun on my face... See you at my next post :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends.

I work with & have many friends who are Muslim.

I love to be welcomed into their life, share in their ups and downs and of course, their celebrations...

During July, Ramadan is celebrated and I am very aware that there are not many cards for those in the Muslim community.
I wanted to change this....
 I am aware that the moon holds great importance within the Muslim religion, so definitely wanted to include this in my card. I just love the richness of the Blackberry Bliss, so it was this cardstock that I reached for first!!

I am very happy with the cleanness of these cards & they were very well received, for that, I am very grateful.

Come back again soon, to see how I decorated a box for a new baby :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Friendship That is Always There...

I've heard or read somewhere before: Friendship should not be hard work...

I absolutely agree with this! I have a friend that I met when our children were at primary school together & we cross paths occasionally still, even though our children no longer are at the same school.

Lesley amazes me with her strength, reliance & outlook on life. She has dealt with so much more than I or others have & yet she continues to smile.

She sees beauty in the things that you & I may overlook, is an incredible mum to 2 daughters, a wife, aunty, daughter and a great friend, to me. I may not see her for months, but that doesn't matter when we chat.

Lesley writes a facebook blog about her life - her family, her accomplishments & of course, her challenges.

You can follow her here, on her Facebook page: An Overwhelmingly Beautiful Mess.

Follow her page, enjoy her written words and say hello from me :))

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

There is a Wedding in the air...

 A friend of mine was traveling to Fiji for her wedding and she asked me to help with the table settings...

I said, "of course!!"

Claudia explained how a deep red & gold colour palette would represent the families coming together, perfectly.
Somehow a butterfly needed to be incorporated, for those who have passed before them, also.

Cue Cherry Cobbler and Gold Embossing Powder!!

 So after a few coffees, quite a few yummy biscuits & lollies, this is what we came up with!!
How stunning is the gold against the Cherry Cobbler?
 We needed to make sure the butterflies were quite secure, as they were being transported in her luggage, so we gave them a long time to dry, before storing them.

Here is Claudia and Rajnesh, during their ceremony. How gorgeous are they all?

Congratulations to my special friends, your wedding was stunning - Thankyou for the opportunity to have a tiny part in your day :)