Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Can Barely Contain Myself!!

I was almost ready to pack up all the items I wanted to take to the market, for a local event.

After I finished the bunnies and they were all on their respective container, I was talking outloud about how the containers needed to be 'up' and visable to everyone walking past the table.

So this is the way that my 10 year old son suggested to display my Easter Bunny containers.

Very ingenious, I think!!
This meant that all the bunny containers were seen by the children and their mum or dad!
Mission accomplished!!

I was so impressed with Darcy's thinking, well done mate!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Getting Ready For Easter!!

I had a local school market for a Primary School on the weekend, so wanted to make sure that I had something for the children to enjoy!
I had seen lots of punch-art on Pinterest or the normal internet sites, but couldn't make them, because the punches that I had, didnt quite work...

So I decided to turn off the laptop and begin to make my own bunny. And this is how this cutie came about!
The new Bow Builder Punch makes this gorgeous little bow, just perfect for this project!

 I tell ya tho, the fishing line whiskers were very trying!! I needed to concentrate to put those under the little bunny nose!!
And the little splash of bling with the rhinestone finished them off!

Once I was happy with one little rabbit, I needed to make more, of course! So then I decided to make 40 of them..

Once each bunny was punched, sponged, glued and completely built, they were placed, front and centre on these containers that I have had laying around for about 3 years!! (Nothing like rushing into using them quickly, hey?)

I am so hoppy, oops, I mean happy with how they have turned out AND it is my design!!

I had so many positive remarks about my bunny containers, it was lovely to hear that they were received so well.

Come back in a couple of days, to see how my 10 year son came up with an ingenious way to display my containers, so that they were seen by everyone...
Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Forgive Me Stampin' Gods, For I Have Sinned...

I have come home from a long weekend here in Victoria, Australia & realise that I have 5 more days to prepare for a school market  that I am attending on Sunday.

I do believe I need to find my table first, though - ya think?

I always get so caught up with what I'm making & rarely clean up between projects. To be fair, my table is 1 x 3 metre long & it it VERY easy to "just keep going" with exciting new items to make, pushing supplies aside...

*Sigh* .....I should probably work on that.....

So if I haven't emerged within a couple of hours, please feel free to send in supplies of chocolate, wine & coffee, no particular order necessary :)
And should I find my table, (apparently it's white???), will edit this to show you the proof!!

Wish me luck - I'm goin' in!!


In just 2 hours, I have found my table AND the floor AND the bottom of some containers that I cleaned out also!!
Go me!!

As you will remember, my table was very messy, but in 15 minute periods, I was able to put things away where they actually belonged, discovered school notices that had been lost misplaced, found enough Lego peices to build a fort & dug up a Tim-Tam single packaged biscuit that will not get eaten - sadly it was too far gone for human consumption....

When I found my table, I decided to hang up a decoration I had made a few years ago, but then Tiger discovered it too...,I wonder how long it will remain there, hey?

Once I managed to remove Tiger from my table, I could finish wiping everything down & complete  the last few things, to finish the job I began, even my husband was impressed!

"Let's see how long it stays tidy this time...", Im sure I mutter that often, hey? 
Maybe I should make a promise to clean up after each project? .....

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here are some more cards that I have made for various birthdays, in the past few months.
I love using bright colours and fun themes, making the card makes me smile.

And of course, when I give the cards and they make others smile, then that is just the icing on the cake!!

This first card is a great one for using those scraps that you hold onto but never quite get around to using...well, now you can!! Simply stick the punched circles to the black matt, then run that through the Big Shot, using whichever embossing folder you like. Then matt that onto co-ordinating colours, add a sentiment & you have a great bright card!!

With this quick & easy card, I have used Polka Dot Parade Designer Paper with the Bow Tie die, on a base of Whisper White. With 3 children running around and a busy child care centre to run, I am always looking for fast but effective cards to make!

Here is Real Red from the same Polka Dot DSP that I used on the orange card above. I have used the scallop circle punch, satin ribbon and cute buttons, although they dont show up very well.
Perhaps I should have sponged the scallop flower, but apart from that, it makes me smile :)

I wonder how many more photos I will find, as I clean up my laptop? Hubby has threatened to wipe them all, if I dont hurry up, before he fixes all the bugs in it.....eeeekkkk!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Shaken, Not Stirred!!

I had a close friend's 40th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Jason is  a huge 007 Bond fan, so of course, the card needed to reflect this!

I found this card on Pinterest so I followed Sarah-Jane's tutorial on how to make this stunning card, (I wish my house was as clean as my files there!!)

I just love how it turned out and I know that Jason enjoyed it also! 

This is a photo of Jason's cake, I told you he loved Bond!! 
Sue did an amazing job making it for him!

We spent the night dancing to older music than the 'doosh soosh' noise of this decade and had lots of laughs, with those who know Jason & Melissa well.

Happy 40th Jason, thanks for the invite!!