Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Tired...

As a card-maker, I have a collection of cards that I fill as I make various cards. I use this box for markets & of course, when I need a card for a special occasion.

I made a certain card a couple of years ago, for Easter and they are STILL in my collection!!

I am so tired of looking at them - they needed to either be sold immediately or be rebirthed...kinda ironic, hey?

So on the third day,, they didn't, I'm being silly!!

I needed to only change the sentiment, so needed something reasonably similar in size.
When I removed the dimensionals, (the padded adhesive to give the sentiment lift), there was a little bit of gum left over, so I needed to cover those spots with more flowers.

I replaced the sentiment with one from the stamp set called Thoughts & Prayers & I don't think that it is obvious that it has been changed. Do you agree with me?

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