Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Friendship That is Always There...

I've heard or read somewhere before: Friendship should not be hard work...

I absolutely agree with this! I have a friend that I met when our children were at primary school together & we cross paths occasionally still, even though our children no longer are at the same school.

Lesley amazes me with her strength, reliance & outlook on life. She has dealt with so much more than I or others have & yet she continues to smile.

She sees beauty in the things that you & I may overlook, is an incredible mum to 2 daughters, a wife, aunty, daughter and a great friend, to me. I may not see her for months, but that doesn't matter when we chat.

Lesley writes a facebook blog about her life - her family, her accomplishments & of course, her challenges.

You can follow her here, on her Facebook page: An Overwhelmingly Beautiful Mess.

Follow her page, enjoy her written words and say hello from me :))

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