Monday, March 9, 2015

Forgive Me Stampin' Gods, For I Have Sinned...

I have come home from a long weekend here in Victoria, Australia & realise that I have 5 more days to prepare for a school market  that I am attending on Sunday.

I do believe I need to find my table first, though - ya think?

I always get so caught up with what I'm making & rarely clean up between projects. To be fair, my table is 1 x 3 metre long & it it VERY easy to "just keep going" with exciting new items to make, pushing supplies aside...

*Sigh* .....I should probably work on that.....

So if I haven't emerged within a couple of hours, please feel free to send in supplies of chocolate, wine & coffee, no particular order necessary :)
And should I find my table, (apparently it's white???), will edit this to show you the proof!!

Wish me luck - I'm goin' in!!


In just 2 hours, I have found my table AND the floor AND the bottom of some containers that I cleaned out also!!
Go me!!

As you will remember, my table was very messy, but in 15 minute periods, I was able to put things away where they actually belonged, discovered school notices that had been lost misplaced, found enough Lego peices to build a fort & dug up a Tim-Tam single packaged biscuit that will not get eaten - sadly it was too far gone for human consumption....

When I found my table, I decided to hang up a decoration I had made a few years ago, but then Tiger discovered it too...,I wonder how long it will remain there, hey?

Once I managed to remove Tiger from my table, I could finish wiping everything down & complete  the last few things, to finish the job I began, even my husband was impressed!

"Let's see how long it stays tidy this time...", Im sure I mutter that often, hey? 
Maybe I should make a promise to clean up after each project? .....

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