Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Preparing For OnStage 2018!!

For those of you who dont know, Stampin' Up! organise various events for demonstrators to attend. This weekend, April 8th April, saw 600 of mostly Australian demos gathering at Sydney's incredible Luna Park for OnStage 2018.

The lead up to this is full of excitement, especially because we knew that a new catalogue was being released!! During these events, lots of the demonstrators make swaps to show off their skills when making cards, 3D items or even scrapbooking ideas. It is a fantastic way to show off the products and in turn, the recipient gains many, many ideas of new ways to use possibly that same product.

This year, right up until 2 weeks before OnStage, I wasnt going to make any swaps - I had no idea of what to make or even an idea of what to do....

And then I found a small stash of metal rings that I had purchased about 5 years ago...
So then, 'it was on, like Donkey Kong!!'

I had made this type of ring before, so I wasnt learning anything new - I could get straight into making them quickly...

Initially I cut a heap of scrap cardstock up, 1 cm in width & for as long as the length of cardstock.

I began by burnishing the complete peices, then gluing the two ends together, just to stop it from rolling around and not actually attaching to anything. It needed the glue to hold it together.

Once it began to roll over itself, I just continued the process. If I got to the end of the cardstock peice & wanted to either continue with that colour or begin another one, I glue the next peice from where the other finishes & so on...

Those trusty pegs come in handy when needing to hold the rolls together, but move onto the next one... I keep about 20 pegs on my turntable of tools, for this type of job exactly!!
I tried a little experiment on this design & added a couple of smaller peices of Real Red & Whisper White cardstock to give the feathered effect... What do you think of it?

When the metal base of the ring was adhered to the cardstock, I would leave them to dry overnight. This ensured the glue was completely dry & finger print free!!

Then it was just a case of ensuring good coverage for the top of the rings. I applied the glue liberally & made sure it dripped into any crevaces within the rolled cardstock so that the finish was as good as it could be. Of course, the pegs came into their own again, along with a big sign telling my teens to stay away from the wet items!!
 Here are a couple of the rings, with the acetate box that Id made to hand them out in. I had wanted to make a box that was similar to a jewellery box from a nice jewellery shop, I guess it kinda looked like that, right?
 These are fun to make & you can experiment with colours or even folding techniques... Just ensure you leave them to dry long enought, otherwise you may be handing out your fingerprints, by mistake!!
This gorgous mess if the first 35 or so of my swaps... I thought I was finished until I found another 16 or so rings & began the process again... Alas, I got to make another 7 on top of my original 35 & chose to stop there, or I may have missed my plane to Sydney!!

Ive loved sharing how to make these, with you...
Be sure to show me what you have made using this technique AND return to see more items frm the amazing event that was OnStage 2018... :)

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