Sunday, April 22, 2018

Remembering OnStage 2018

Wow!! Looking back at these photos already have me smiling & wanting another occasion to get us altoghter!!

From the initial all getting to airport & travelling as a group, to wandering the supermarkets & streets of Sydney, while wearing my ridiculous hat!! (Of course, it is made of Stampin' Up ! items, so it HAD to be worn proudly!!)

Im so lucky to have Mel & Raelz as the adults in our relationships, they tolerate my silliness so well!!

 When we finally arrived at OnStage 2018, I discovered that I wasnt the only one dressed for the occasion!! Yes, there are some other mad women out there, too!!
Linda's mop of rainbow hair made me smile, so we just had to have a photo together!!
 And when I crossed paths with Sara, Stampin' Up!'s CEO, I jumped at the chance to have my photo taken with her - Id love to know what she thinks of us crazy Aussies!!
She is as gratious as she is beautiful & allowed this photo - I am so grateful for all that she gives to SU!
One of the wonderful & unexpected things that I quickly learned about the family that is SU!, is the friendships that blossom through a common interest, such as stamping. Over my (almost) 9 years, I have gained so many beautiful friendships & people that I admire & aspire to be. Monique is one of these women, who I chat to while on-line, but rarely get to hug, squeal & giggle with...
At OnStage, it was a true highlight to squeeze her, maybe even tear up a little & then celebrate with as I watched her present on THE ACTUAL stage, as she was one of the 'chosen' ones to do so!!

 Did you know how important it is to keep your sugars up while droopling over that latest catalogue launch? Im not lying.... How cute is this cupcake?
 Did I mention that this wonderful event took place in Sydney? Here's proof!! The weather was stunning, wasnt it?
 Many of the gifts we received was a Light Box, complete with the SU! logo & a heart to boot!! Of course, I couldnt just write anything... I had to write how I felt, right at that time!!
 Going for a walk the next morning saw Susan & I under the big bridge... It truly is incredible, especially when you think of how long ago it was built, not many safety regulations etc... Oh my gosh, how it would have changed the skyline & growth of the 'town' that was Sydney, back then...
Sitting in front of The Opera House, Susan & I took this photo - the sun was glorious, the weekend was spectacular & the friendships are everlasting!!
Come back next time to see some of the swaps that I received - they are beautiful!!

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