Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas Boxes...

Coming up to Christmas, I was asked to make quite a few Card In a Box(es), so it was refreshing to be asked to make something different. I have a friend who had made Ornaments with her children's class & teacher's name in them & needed a special box for them.

When Melissa asked for a red box & a green box, I wasnt so surprised... Then the last box was going to be Mustard... Mustard?, I asked, thats an unusual colour to request, isnt it?
It turns out that they are the favourite colours of the 3 teachers. So off to create I went!!

I began by measuring the ornaments and then making a standard box for them. Due to the dimensions, I needed to make 2 halves, as the A4 cardstock wasnt wide enough. Once I was sure the dimensions were correct, by using Rule #101: Measure twice, cut once, I began to assemble my boxes.

I then worked out if I could have a window in the box, to display the ornament - it was gorgeous and Melissa had worked hard for it to work...

(Gotta love my scrawl on the bottom of the page, dont ya? LOL!!)

So once I was happy with the box and the lid, that needed to slightly larger than the box, I began to grin like a Cheshire Cat!

In the end, they came together really well. 

The final colours were Old Olive, Elegant Eggplant and More Mustard, (retired) and I think they all complimented each other, even though they werent for the same person. And the Glimmer Paper just gives it the Christmas feel!!

When I was done, I knew I wanted to show off the ornament as the lid was removed. So I constructed a little tab that held the ribbon of the ornament. This is how it worked :))

As you can see, the papers with the children's names can be seen through the windows. I love how what Melissa made & my contribution made this work so well!!

Until next time, stay safe and keep crafting!

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