Sunday, September 8, 2019

Something A Little Different!!

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that follows my blog that I enjoy a challenge.

And that I always seem to need a project to work on, no matter what it is...

So when my children's basketball team began to think about organising a Presentation Day at a local formal setting, I knew that I wanted to help with the decorations. Im on the committee in other roles, but this one really had me excited!

Our club's colours are black, white & teal, otherwise known as Basic Black, Whisper White & Taken With Teal,. For those of us who have been around, Taken With Teal is a retired colour sadly, but gosh I loved it!!

So I started with these base blocks that I found from Lombards, a party supply shop near-by.

I'm glad to have found these small balloons that match our team colours perfectly!! The next challenge was to sit and blow these up - there were over 170 to blow up! 

Thank goodness for the electric blower!!

Seeing the table decorations set up and having everyone file in was terrific.  I love when you prepare so well for an event & it all comes together! It's a  great feeling to be involved with such a committed committee. 
These are the trophies that each Coach presented to their player who they believe has played the hardest, learnt & applied the most or for whatever reason the Coach thinks is applicable.

The other players received one of these trophies each for their part in the team over the season.  There were smiles all round!!

 And here is everyone in our Committee - what a good looking bunch we are, hey?

I'm incredibly grateful to have such knowledgable group supporting our children in our basketball team - it gives us all a great future!!

Thanks for reading about another part of my world, see you next time :)

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