Friday, February 12, 2016

Bring On The Sweet Stack!!

I have always wanted a centre-peice for my table, for when it is clean... I'm also hoping it would encourage me to keep it that way...?). So I decided to purchase the Sweet Stack Project Kit, (page 152)  This actually the first kit that I have ever bought, crazy hey?

Well, this kit has changed my mind about kits - I loved knowing what to make, following the directions, but also knowing that I could mix it up a little, to make it mine!

So from above, you can see that Ive tried to make the Crushed Curry "icing' the same all the way around the edge of the lower level & I used the Bow Builder punch for a different bow than in the kit. (I can use them for another project!!) The trim on the cake is also different to the kit, it needed a little bit more colour, I thought...

Here is the finished product!! I plan to have each cake peice filled with a small gift for anyone who brings a new guest to my class... Could this be you, perhaps?

Thanks for stopping by to see my latest crafty ideas... I hope to see you again soon, Jo.

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