Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spring Time Clean-Up...

When I was using the beautiful clear blocks of Stampin' Up!, earlier this weekI realised just how 'cloudy' mine had become with overuse...

While the curved edges are very nice for my fingers & thumbs, (meaning they do not leave blisters because of harsh corners), what good is a CLEAR block when you cant see through them?
(This may be slightly exaggerated, but you can see that there is a grimy look to my blocks...)
 So it was time to boil the kettle for a peppermint tea, grab a soft cloth & the Eucalyptus Solution & spend just a few minutes to give the blocks some tender lovin' care!
(Please note: do not use any type of scourer on the blocks, they will scratch the surface, resulting on damage to them...)
Even just wiping one side of this small size D block resulted in this much grim being removed!! It really wasn't a difficult task, but like everything in life - we just have to find the time!!

Have a look at how the small block is wonderful, while there are smudges of colour looking through the blocks that are stacked on each other....? Yuck!

And finally my blocks are shiny, shiny again!! I'm certainly much happier to show off my business tools, when they are clean like this!!

And in that short time, my peppermint tea is ready!!

Have a great day, see you again, where I will show you some Christmas tags that I'm working on...

Jo x

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Now Is The Time...

As my title suggests, now is the time...

The time to:
  • enjoy the latest Annual Catalogue...
  • enjoy the latest Holiday Catalogue...
  • update my blog & be more active...
  • Activate my Stampin' Up! DBWS, (Demonstrator Business Web Site)...
With all of that in mind, I clearly need to begin to be more organised, something Ive always struggled with. is the time :)

So I'm thinking I may invest in these great Planners, (seen on page 12 of the Annual Catalogue), why not have everything in one place - I can note down the dates for classes, my 'other work' dates, OnStage dates, (where demonstrators from all over the world get together to see newly released products & share ideas + so much more!!) and of course, birthdays etc, so I can send out cards!!
This is possibly what I've been missing all my life, hey?  Lets see if this helps to get me to get organised!!

Or I could simply use the diary that I already have, but it certainly isn't as pliable as this one....

Ill let you know how I go over the next few months, ok? Thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's here - the new catty is here!!

We can finally order anything from the newest Stampin' Up! catalogue, released today!!

Can you sense my excitement, much? How pretty is the front cover?
Can you imagine the rest of the publication, then?

You can have look online here and you can order through me or you own SU! demonstrator - either way, get onto it :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Kelly!!

Like any work-place, an acknowledgment of another year of work is always great to have recognised... This is no different for us, friends of Kelly, who is celebrating her 5th year of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Kelly's commitment to the company, her friendship and of course, the work she creates, is always amazing!!

With that in mind, I have pulled out my laptop, dusted off my sleepy blog & have finally given it some love & care.. there are soooo many reasons to be happy right now, hey?

Some of you may know that there is a new annual catalogue that is being released to the public on June 1 this year & I have chosen to show off one of the stamp sets from this catalogue. (One of the perks to being a SU! demonstrator is that you are lucky enough to have access to pre-released items!!)

So here we go, time to show you my 'Happy' creations...

This photo shows a couple of the images from Crafting Forever, a brand new stamp set!! I think it has soooo many opportunities to be played with, so I seriously stamped over 40 images & lost myself to colouring them in, using the Watercolor Pencils with an Aquapen. How could you get any colours wrong, really???

While I was cutting out the paint pots, I realised that I could 'build' a container of brushes by individually cutting them out and layering them, (lucky my children are 12+ and they can cook their own tea, right??)

I decided my paint pots would work really well to hold up the 'easel' part of the an Easel Card. I used acetate, (over-head projector sheets, for us smarter people) behind the paint pots and placed them between the layers of the sentiment band.

The sentiment says: Do something creative every day... Isn't that just a great message to send someone?

I then cut a frame to place over the butterfly, from Butterfly Wings & hung it like a piece of artwork!!

These cards are now travelling all over Australia, as a part of a Demonstrator Swap - I make 10 cards of the same design, they go to a designated person who sorts through all of the swaps & she will send me 10 new swaps, of all different designs - what a great way to be inspired, hey?

How bright and cheerful are they? Perfect timing for Kelly's celebratory party, I think!!
Congratulations Kelly on making a great choice 5 years ago, (I'm celebrating 8 years Sunday, just gone!!) Hip hip hooray to us both!!

I'd love to hear what you think about my creations, I'd love for you to leave me a message that you've visited, if you can...

From this blog, you will click onto Danielle's blog, her creations will astound you!!

Take it away Daniella... Thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hip hip hooray!!

It's been 8 amazing years (Saturday 27th May), since I signed a special piece of paper, to begin being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!!

I knew that I would have access to product releases early, a wealth of information of all things crafty & business pointers to help me build my personal business. What I didn't imagine was the friendship, the sisterhood & support that I have gained from being apart of the greater SU! family.

We all have families, partners, children, pets, homes to run, lots of us work other jobs & we juggle so much... Of course, we chat about our life while we craft together online or together, 'for real' and we are an wonderful therapy opportunity to each other. The friends that I have gained will last for life, even when any one of us deci!!de to drop being a demonstrator, for what ever reason...

With these friendships in mind, I have sent off quite a few RAK cards, (Random Acts of Kindness) to other demonstrators all over the world - These ones are going around Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and America! The thought that my cards are travelling so far, is soooo exciting to me!!

What a way to celebrate, hey???
Happy birthday to me!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Promise....

I promise to:
  • not ignore my laptop anymore
  • post more often
  • show you new products
  • give you more reasons to come back
  • share Stampin' Up! with you, Ive been greedy for too long!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Light The Way...

I have a good friend, Kathryn who invited me to a Stampin' Up! demonstrator only retreat. Because it wasnt during the school term, basketball wasnt happening and for whatever reason, the planets lined up,  I was actaully able to attend!!

It was so lovely to surprise another great mate, Susan when I got there, I kept it from her that I was able to be there!!

We had from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon together - time to catch up, eat, giggle, eat, do a tiny bit of exercise, eat, make cards, eat and learn new techniques from other SU! demos...

It was pure bliss!!

On the second night, Kathryn had organised these cute little lanterns to be in our rooms when we finished crafting. (That was only about 1 am Sunday morning!!) That little battery operated light worked for a while before I found it!!
 Using vellum, embossing powder, stamps and a couple of punches, Kathryn (and possibly her team) put these together as a lovely gift for us all...
How simple but stunning is this? Who would have thought it was simply a battery operated light in a disposable plastic glass, hey?
Thanks Kathryn, this has pride of place in my stamp room & I may just replicate it for little gifts, soon!!