Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Bro!!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my brother, Cameron's 30th birthday - & what a party it was!!

We all had so much fun with the music, the food, the drinks & our extended family!!

There are 5 of us & we all pitched in to help with the food preparation. 2 of my sisters are pastry chefs & produce amazing work, so they did what they know best, making the cake & biscuits in the TROPICAL theme...

How incredible are the handmade biscuits & cake, hey? Just amazing!!

And that 'sand' is crushed biscuits!!

All those shapes are hand made!!

And Adam, Cameron's partner made this 1.5 metre 'Crockenbush' style palm tree!! It was fantastic!

My contribution was what I know, papercraft!! I worked on making the Ferraro Rochers into mini palm trees... Im pretty happy with how they turned out & how everything on the table came together!! And so was Cameron!!

It was such a great night, we absolutely celebrated Cameron's birthday & we are still talking about how great it was!!

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