Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spring Time Clean-Up...

When I was using the beautiful clear blocks of Stampin' Up!, earlier this weekI realised just how 'cloudy' mine had become with overuse...

While the curved edges are very nice for my fingers & thumbs, (meaning they do not leave blisters because of harsh corners), what good is a CLEAR block when you cant see through them?
(This may be slightly exaggerated, but you can see that there is a grimy look to my blocks...)
 So it was time to boil the kettle for a peppermint tea, grab a soft cloth & the Eucalyptus Solution & spend just a few minutes to give the blocks some tender lovin' care!
(Please note: do not use any type of scourer on the blocks, they will scratch the surface, resulting on damage to them...)
Even just wiping one side of this small size D block resulted in this much grim being removed!! It really wasn't a difficult task, but like everything in life - we just have to find the time!!

Have a look at how the small block is wonderful, while there are smudges of colour looking through the blocks that are stacked on each other....? Yuck!

And finally my blocks are shiny, shiny again!! I'm certainly much happier to show off my business tools, when they are clean like this!!

And in that short time, my peppermint tea is ready!!

Have a great day, see you again, where I will show you some Christmas tags that I'm working on...

Jo x


  1. Great tips - thanks Jo! I'm guilty of neglecting my stamping tools. My Stampin' Scrub just had a long overdue bath! Blocks next I think!!! Kelly x

  2. There's always something that we miss, isnt there? My scrubs are okay at the moment, but Im thinking Im due for a new 'mat' under my blades on my Paper Cutter...

    Thanks for the commnet x


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