Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Australians Throw Out 6 Tonnes of Fashion Waste Every 10 minutes..." *GASP*

Ive known about BeeKeeper Parade for about 2 years now & just bought my second bag from them. Have you heard of this company?

These bags have been made from material that would otherwise go into land-fill, (an extremely wasteful & thoughtless situation). Thanks to the vision of Koky & his sister, Sophie, (now an amazing shining star each night),  Koky was able to build a business on these materials that would have been thrown away, never to be enjoyed...

This morning I received my "Weekender" bag, a stunning large rainbow bag, that I can use when Im not needing my smaller Unicorn bag, my first BeeKeeper Parade purchase!!

The green bag that was used for posting this wonderful parcel to me, repurposed 'recycled rice or fish feed bag', therefore continuing to upcycle items that would usually thrown out!! And it has a zip for a closure, so I can continue to use it here at home!!

Not only are these bags saving products from being thrown out, but some of the money is used to help a Cambodian child go to school FOR A WHOLE YEAR!! How is that not a wonderful thing, also? By me buying a bag, I am saving the planet AND helping a child's education!

These bags are so well organised, they have various pockets inside for a phone, a clip for keys, a large external pocket for my diary or laptop and a couple of zip pockets for all things secret!!

But wait - there's more!!!!

Here in Australia, the government is still arguing about the value of those who love a partner of their own sex, ie: (Same Sex Marriage).... *sigh*  So some of the money from this purchase also goes towards the Marriage Equality Campaign. #loveislove, right?

I have always been a supported of the minority, so this is something I believe strongly in, (for so many reasons...) In the very least, I have a stunning bag that will work for my busy liftstyle - the conversations that may arise from it, is an absolute bonus!!

And now Im thinking I just may need to update my purse, its looking a bit ragged next to these stunning items!!

Let me know if you check out Koky's site or even go down and have a look at his shop, Im yet to get there....

Thanks for stopping by :)

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