Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Forgive me, it has been a looooong time between posts...

I am so excited at the moment!!

I have finally got a computer in my stamp room - this means that I can sit and work on my blog, (that has been sooo neglected!!), I can look up techniques & use them immediately & I can even watch something that I want to, while I stamp!!

So hopefully, I will be able to be more organised & active on various platforms because I pulled the cupboards from the wall & found the internet port... YIPPEE

And while it looks all messy & disorganised, I havent been this happy to have a computer set up for a very long time!

Good times are ahead!!

Thanks for staying with me,J Jo.

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  1. Happy for you ....and a little jealous! Looking forward to what you have for us. Enjoy!


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