Saturday, April 2, 2016

Harmony Day 2016

I work in a wonderful place called Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, (GNLC). It is here that I am the Child Care Co-Ordinator for the child care centre, while many other talented people teach English, Computer & VCAL students, amongs other subjects also.

Many of my children come to our centre because their parents are attending the English classes, through the A.M.E.P. program, (Adult Migrant English Program), where-by newly arrived asylum seekers or refugees learn English, so that they can assimilate into the community.

Every year, we collectively celebrate Harmony Day, so I decided to make something that represents the children from our centre & the countries that their families are from. Most of the children I know enjoy cup-cakes & I am always happy to make these, so then I printed that flags from the countries of the families in our centre.

AND of course, Stampin' Up! has a fantastic colour in Pumpkin Pie, just the perfect orange to represent the universal colour for Harmony Day, so I matted all the flags and wrote the name of each country on the back. I am still learning about other countries, so this was a great opportunity to teach others!!

The list was quite reasonable!!

There is a flag from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Sri Lanka, America, The Netherlands, Malta, Australia, Japan, China, India, Lebanon, Italy, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Thailand & Napal, if I have them all listed correctly....

We have such a beautiful mix of people that are all working towards a common goal of learning in our centre, so it was a great way to celebrate all that we have to offer!

And what we all have to offer, is fooooooood!! How is this for an amazing selection of food from many cultures!!

In our current world, we need more acceptance and love. Our little neighbourhood house community displayed this love by gathering around food and celebrating all that we are.

I'm hoping that next Harmony Day sees us with less pain & suffering and more acceptance, love and smiles. 

Happy Harmony Day, 2016.

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