Thursday, April 9, 2015

Christmas Wreath

Before Christmas, Rachelle, (13 years old), my daughter and I began to make these wreaths for gifts to close family & friends.

We made these from using old books from the Op Shop and spent lots of time laughing & chatting the nights away while we did... Each of these wreaths, (& later, some trees..) took about 7 hours each & all looked different when finished.
If you look closely, you can see this one has lights attached to the polystyrene and paper. It just looks stunning in the light, too!

When it all came together, it looked wonderful. I think my favourite was the one that Rachelle gave to my mum, it hung from her backdoor beautifully on Christmas day!

Thanks Rachelle, I loved making these with you!!

Stay close and I will have the tutorial for you soon :))
Thanks for stopping to look :))

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